Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a reservation?
We accept reservations for parties of four or larger. Please call us at +1 503 667-4566.


Do you offer delivery service?

Sorry, we don't do Delivery.


Do I have to use chop sticks?
No. We also provide you with a knife, fork, and spoon. However, we'd love for you to attempt to enjoy your meal in the traditional fashion with chop sticks!  Just ask us! We'd be glad to give you some useful tips!


How spicy are your spicy dishes?
For your convenience, we normally do it mild. You can request your spice level with your waitress.

Do you offer non-spicy dishes as well?
Many Chinese dishes call for hot spices. Especially spicy dishes are marked as such on our menu. Please let us know if you do not like spicy food when ordering your meal. We are able to de-spice the dishes according to your preferences.


Can I do subsitution on your combination dishes?

Yes. You are welcome to do subsitution, but might be an extra charge. please kindly ask your waiter/waitress for the price.

Do you sell gift certificate?

Yes, we do sell our restaurant certificate for any money amount you like. Please come in and order yours. Click here to take a look of our sample.

Which regional specialties does this restaurant serve?
Almost all of our dishes are based on traditional recipes handed down to us from our grandparents. We come from the South of China, or more specifically the Guangdong region. This is also reflected in our cooking, which is very much based on its regional origins.